The YES BALL GAMES hackathon for the community of Barking & Dagenham.

After the amazing social cohesion hackathon that took place last year, Digilab and lbbd, in partnership with London Sport, are running an event to solve the challenge of unused and empty spaces in Barking and Dagenham.

We’ve seen the countless signs for ‘No Ball Games’ on grass and streets that prevent people from interacting outside in areas around their homes, schools and businesses. What if there was a solution to open up these green and grey spaces for social sport, play and interactivity in the community?

This is the theme of the YES BALL GAMES hackathon 2018. It’s time to take back the streets of Barking & Dagenham – can you help us solve this challenge?

If you are a local resident or business, digital innovator or coder, then please sign up to our event and make change happen!

See here for some ideas on what is possible: Run An Empire, Street Tag, UK Wallball.