We’ve put together all of the questions you might have about the hackathon into this list!

A. It’s a weekend long hackathon and it’s all about getting teams together of local individuals, digital talent, coders and turning unused outdoor spaces in Barking and Dagenham into spaces for social sport and play.

For too long, we have seen signs for No Ball Games in residential areas and it’s time to take back the streets and get on the grass to get communities more physically active, together.

Can an idea, using a digital, hardware or service based solution, help Barking and Dagenham open up empty and unused spaces?

See this example from UK Wallball, where they believe in the saying ‘ANY WALL, ANY BALL, ANY TIME’.

Or the mobile game, Run An Empire.

Or Street Tag, which already operates in Barking and Dagenham.

Q: What is a hackathon?
A. A hackathon brings together developers, designers and creative together to build a prototype and develop an idea that promotes innovation.

Q: Who should attend?
A. You can attend whether you have an idea that could help shape a solution for the challenge – you could be a local business, a student, a resident of the borough, a coder, an innovator, have digital skills or even experience with hardware! We are looking for a mix of individuals that care about the issue and can help us solve the challenge.

Q: Where is the hackathon?
A. Digilab, Barking Learning Centre, 2 Town Square, Barking IG11 7NB.

Q: Do I have to pay to attend?
A. No – tickets are free and food and drink will be provided for all participants at no cost.

Q: Will there be a network available?
A. Yes, wi-fi will be available.

Q: Is food and drink provided?
A. Yes!

Q: Do I need to bring a team or can I register as an individual?
A. You can register as a team, you’ll each need to register separately or you can register as an individual and we will allocate teams on the day.

Q: Will there be provision for an overnight stay?
A. Yes, we have security and first aiders should you need to hack your idea through the night!

Q: Will we have desks?
A. Yes!

Q: Will we have chairs?
A. Yes!

Q: Will you provide computers?
A. No, please bring a laptop / your own hardware if you own one as computers will not be provided.

Q: How do I register a team of people?
A. Visit the tickets page via eventbrite.

Q: What are the rules?
A. For the event the rules are simple:

  • Treat the space and each other with respect

  • Do not steal other people’s ideas or code